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Sunday, May 24, 2015

An Affordable Insert For My Malden

I thought I found planner peace when I put my Papertrey Ink planner inside my A5 Malden...NOT. After a couple of months, I discovered that while having a daily entry is a wonderful idea, it does not work for me. I was happier with a monthly and weekly view. I also decided that I want to start journaling, and will just put asterisks on the days when I make a journal entry in my monthly view. I don't want to feel like I am obliged to journal everyday either. In some days, I just sleep to recover from a grueling work day. It would seem like I did practically nothing while I slept, but in reality, rest is an essential for my being effective and efficient in living and enjoying my life.

I saw these cuties while out shopping for car batteries with hubby at WalMart. The planner is mid-year with a July start and costs only around $5.00, while the address book was around $7.00. I decided to get them both, after all, if I was willing to spend $40 on a PTI planner that I was unsatisfied with, then why not spend a few bucks on a cheaper planner that could possibly give me peace?

The lack of planner peace kept me away from my beautiful PTI/Malden planner and focus, among other things, on pocket letters, but those will be entries for another day.

Here's my Wal-Mart find, giving my Malden a trendy look.

I added some Heidi Swapp Project Life cards and Love embellishment
, a Heidi Swapp circles sticker, a sticky notepad from Recollections, my Target pen, my Pilot Hi-Tech Maica fine gel pen, a homemade large flower paper clip, and some Betsey Johnson clothespins, and voila! My Malden turned into something I would love showing off again. :-D I was quite happy that the address book coordinated well with my Betsey Johnson cosmetic bag.

Who would have ever guessed that a $5 Wal-Mart find could make my heart skip a beat?

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